Relocating with kids - what to pack?

11 March, 2016 09:42 

I haven't had time to write for BlogExpat for a while now. What I have I been so busy with? Another relocation, of course! We finally completed our move from Czech Republic to UK and are now settled in Warwickshire. Boxes and suitcases unpacked, it's time to get on with blogging :)

We already discussed with you in the previous articles how you can help your kids prepare for a relocation, what research you should do before actually moving and how you can say goodbye to your old home, making it easier for your children to move on.

Today we will talk about packing - that dreadfull activity that is an integral part of any move. Even if you pay the moving company to pack your belongings for you, it is your decision what you should take as a hand luggage, place in a suitcase or put away into a container. Here are some tips for you based on our experience. (More)


Moving to a new home - how do you say goodbye to the old one?

13 November, 2015 15:53 

Our Relocation with Kids Tips series continues. We already discussed how you can prepare your kids for a relocation and what you should research before the move. Now let's talk about things you can do with your kids before moving to a new home, which can help them say goodbye to the old one.

I suppose, 'last days' ritual is pretty similar for many expats. I'll describe here what we usually do before the move with our kids (and we had 3 of those so far, getting ready for the 4th one) and I will be happy to hear your suggestions and tips on this matter! (More)


Helping your expat child to stay grounded

22 October, 2015 12:00 

Quite often, becoming expats means that we change not only our location, but our lifestyle as well. Having perks, like house help, luxury housing or extra income, is definetely enjoyable, but how do you explaine to your kids that this is not a permanent situation? How can you help them to stay grounded and appreciate these things without taking them for granted?

I talked to an expat mother, Capin, who moved to Jamaica from USA with her husband and an 8 year old, pursuing career opportunities. How does she manage adjusting to this new life and how is her kid coping?  (More)


Last weeks before a relocation with kids - do your research!

24 September, 2015 11:56 

Following our relocation series (see the previous post on preparing kids for a relocation), I decided to put together a list of things, which I like to research before moving to another country. These would be specifically relevant for those moving with kids, so I won't mention the general issues, which you would have to deal with anyways, like house hunting, legal documents, etc.

Arranging as much as possible in advance would save you time and could also help you feel less lost and disoriented during the first days upon arrival. (More)


How can you help your kids prepare for the relocation?

03 September, 2015 11:30 

Kids at airport

Moving is always quite a challenge, but moving to another country with kids? You just doubled your relocation "to do" list! Now it's not just about papers, logistics, house hunting and worrying about that infamous culture shock. Schooling, socialising, adapting - those are the issues that will keep your brain busy from now on.

We're in the middle of our fourth relocation with the kids and, I thought, I could share with you some ways of helping your kids to get ready for the relocation, which worked for us so far. (More)


Follow our relocation from CZ to UK - how do we do it with tiny expats?

20 August, 2015 13:02 

As some of you might already know, we're a family of serial expats - I (Ukrainian) met my husband (Russian) in UK. We moved to Germany, where our older tiny expat was born. Three of us moved first to China and then to Russia, where we welcomed the second tiny expat. Shortly after, we moved to Czech Republic, where we've been living for more than a year now. As it happend quite a lot in our life, during the last 15 years, we are relocating again, this time to UK.  (More)


Becoming a first time mother abroad

10 July, 2015 08:06 

Becoming an expat is a challenge in itself. Add to that relocating with kids and you take it to a different level. But what about a situation, when you are about to become a mother for the first time and it happens to be abroad, far away from your family and friends? It can definetely be just a little scary, if I may put it mildly.  (More)


From a working woman to an expat stay at home mom - dealing with the transition

26 June, 2015 12:00 

When families move abroad, quite often one of the partners follows a career path and another chooses to put that career on hold. What would it feel like to go from a busy working schedule to a full time stay at home and care for your kids mode? There're, of course, benefits to this - you would get to spend much more time with your kids, bond with them and become even closer. You would, however, need to find ways to make this transition easier for you.

I talked to an expat mother Estelea, who was used to a hardworking life prior to their family's relocation to Philippines, where she's now taking care of their two small kids. (More)


Never too young to become an expat

12 June, 2015 17:45 

Kids are always one of the great concerns, when considering whether or not to relocate and become an expat. Should you avoid relocating with small kids at all costs or is it not as scary as it might sound? Of course, it depends on the country you are considering to relocate to, but in many cases all it takes is just an extra bit of planning beforehand.  (More)


From temporary to permanent - what if you wish to settle down?

25 May, 2015 11:00 

Usually, talking about expat issues, we discuss situations, when they are living abroad temporarily, thus learning to adjust, but not necessarily adapt in a long run. What if you relocate with a plan to actually settle down and make this new place your permanent home? Well, then, of course, it's quite a different matter.

Learning the local language becomes a must, you would most probably choose a local school instead of an international one, your social life would hopefully spread out beyond the expat circle. I've talked to an expat mother, who moved over from Switzerland to Australia with her husband and a kid (their family grew in Australia and now they have two children). They relocated with a plan of settling down and that directly influenced their choices concerning adaptation of their kids. (More)


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